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What a delightful place! So helpful. I had never been there and I called over the phone looking for something specific. The person I spoke with was knowledgeable and just so happen to have something I was looking for. I went in to find the perfect jar for my carnivorous picture plant!! I'll be back for sure.
Ashley L.
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Tacoma Consignment is located in the heart of Downtown Tacoma. You can enter at our front door at 1120 Broadway, or at our back entrance at 119 Court C, where there is also free parking. A blue flamingo sign stands in front of the two rows of parking on Court C. Our back entrance is also where you may pick up and deliver your furniture.

Tacoma Consignment
1120 Broadway,
Tacoma WA 98402
(253) 212-9445

Hours: Wednesday-Sunday: 11am-6pm